Pend Oreille County EDC Impact

The Pend Oreille County Economic Development Council provides a forum for community, government, and business representatives to work together to promote economic development. Depending on the specific activity, the role of the EDC may be to lead, partner, coordinate, collaborate, facilitate, support, or monitor as deemed appropriate by the council members. The EDC is governed by a volunteer-based Board of Directors with representation from municipal and county governments, public utility districts, the port district, and the tribes. In addition, the Board of Directors includes representation from a number of other organizations with an economic development interest and representatives from the business community.


The Pend Oreille County EDC Mission

To support economic development activities that foster a healthy environment for existing and new businesses, improve employee skills and wages, and encourage infrastructure development, while honoring the values, history, cultural diversity, and natural beauty of the area and its people.


Celebrating the Positive Impact of the EDC

The Pend Oreille County Economic Development Council is in constant motion working towards a better Pend Oreille County for both current and prospective residents. By securing grants and funding for businesses and individuals, developing educational programs, facilitating outreach efforts to grow our community and economy, and so much more - the Pend Oreille County EDC is invested in being transparent in the actions we have taken to improve our wonderful community.

Read our Impact Summaries below for more information on grants and funding, economic and community impact, and outreach programs:

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