Dimming IRVM in my 2018 Honda Jazz

Dimming IRVM in my 2018 Honda Jazz

Dimming IRVM in my 2018 Honda Jazz

The dealer was helpful and immediately after placing my order, asked for a picture of the bracket and the holder. He even instructed me with detailed pictures on how to take the bracket out of the holder

I took this to be a moderately easy install, because the positive wire already had a pre built Mini ATM type fuse ending, and the ground wire had a ring terminal crimped. All I needed to do, how to paint motorcycle fairings I thought, was to take out my old click type IRVM, install the new IRVM, and tap the ACC fuse from the internal fusebox to power the mirrorBut as I figured out how to install the mirror in the morning of 25th, the fusebox design of the Honda Jazz threw a spanner in my works2 problems stopped me from tapping power from the fusebox

1. The fusebox uses Low profile mini fuse, painting motorcycle fairings which cannot be used on the fuse tap. The fusebox however, also allowed Mini ATM type fuses to be plugged in and works fine2. The fuse box was designed in such a way, the it is not possible to use a fuse tap on certain rows. Unfortunately, gsx r fairing ACC power is in one of those rowsI then figured out that I shall bypass using the fusebox altogetherRummaged out an unused USB cable, cut off the USB B side, snipped the data cables (green and white) and stripped the power (red) and ground (black) cablesThen I snipped the ring terminal from the ground cable and fuse ending from the power cable of the mirror, and stripped the power and ground cablesThen twisted and used heatshrink tubing to create a USB powered auto dimming mirror !

Checked out the setup by plugging into a 1A USB power source in my car and it worked perfectlyThen I set out to removing the bracket from the holder, and that’s when disaster struck. extreme fairings

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